Going viral: Dos and Don’ts

Is there a recipe, that a tweet or facebook-post goes viral? Is it just possible by luck and do serious journalists generally should care about?

The Austrian TV-Host Armin Wolf has a clear answer:

He says that it’s just true, when journalistic quality is defined by reach and not by relevance, truth or news. Top-Viral-Storys of the New-York-Times were Snowfall (a technical, not a journalistic masterpiece, says Wolf) and recipies for Thanks Giving.

So virality is all nonsense?

No, it can help to fund serious journalism and it can help to build an audience, but only if u work on it constantly. Like it says in the picture above: «Don’t plan to be viral. Plan the be awesome.»

Again Armin Wolf:

What if I wanna go viral anyway?

With these two recipes it’s easier than baking a cake:

And if you wonder, why I wrote in English, instead of German? Well, it enhances the chance of going viral 😉

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Reto Vogt

*1985, Journalist und Social-Media-Experte. Interessiert an Technik, Politik, Sport, Politik. Und Bier.

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